Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire in “Outlander,” talks about her with Sam Heughan.

Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire in “Outlander,” says that she and Sam Heughan set out to always try to get along. Caitriona Balfe is talking about her long-term relationship with co-star Sam Heughan. The two of them are a dynamic team that drives Outlander’s romantic storyline. As the last season of the popular show comes, many fans are interested in the friendships between the actors that make them work so well together on screen. Their friendship has captured viewers and played a big role in the show’s success. But where are they now? Balfe gave an honest look into a friendship that has stood the test of time, both on and off the set.

Early on in their time on “Outlander,” Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan formed a strong bond.

The huge romance between Jamie and Claire is a big reason why Outlander is so famous right now.

Executive director Maril Davis says that a lot of this is because Heughan and Balfe got along so well from the start.

Davis stressed how important it was to find the right actors to play Jamie and Claire. He talked about an important chat he had with co-producer Ron D. Moore in Scotland.

When they saw Balfe’s test tape for the first time, they knew they were on the right track. But meeting in person in Los Angeles made them even more sure that the two of them would get along.

Davis told Glasgow Live that he could see their bond both on and off camera.

“I remember it like it was yesterday; the chemistry was there, and that friendship and that chemistry has always been so clear, and they just work so well together, and you can see it on screen and in real life,” Davis said.

Davis hoped that the players would stay friends during the show. The friendship between Heughan and Balfe is better than ever as the show’s last season approaches.

Between these “Outlander” stars, things have only gotten better over time.

Davis pointed out that Balfe and Heughan’s friendship has stayed strong, and may even be getting stronger as the show’s last scenes approach.

The Outlander EP praised the pair and said that their unique experiences and strong friendship have been important to the show’s flow.

Along with Sam, Balfe was at the event and said that she and Sam had decided early on to support each other no matter what. She said that even though they’ve had disagreements, their friendship has always been stronger.

“It’s weird like we’ve never had a fight.” We both seem to have irritated each other. “I think it was a very deliberate choice at the start,” Balfe said.

People who know them say that the stars get along well with each other and are both very dedicated to their work. They’re ready, but they also know how to keep things fun on set.

Balfe ended by saying that their friendship has stayed strong even though they both have busy lives.

A more in-depth look at Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s most recent public outings

Heughan and Balfe have made a lot of public visits over the years to get people excited about the new seasons of Outlander.

In March 2022, they walked the red carpet at the Wolf Theater in North Hollywood to celebrate the start of the sixth season of the show.

In June, the two showed up together at the New York City opening of the seventh season of the show. At that event, they also took pictures with the rest of the group before the movie started. Heughan wore a classy, all-black suit to the event, while Balfe wore a stylish black dress and a deep red velvet handbag to make her look stand out.

People said that Heughan talked about how excited he was to be back on the show after the launch. The star of Outlander said they were excited to keep the story going.

Heughan said, “We’re glad to be back.” “The last season was great, and this year we’re going to make it even better.” Jamie is still living and wants to find Claire. That’s where we continue.”

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