Everything you need to know about when the holiday episodes of Virgin River Season 5 will come out

Season 5 of Virgin River will have holiday-themed shows that will come out on November 30, 2023. There have been ten episodes of the popular romantic drama series based on the books by Robyn Carr, and millions of people have watched them. Up until now, Sue Tenney has been in charge of the translation. Starting with this season, Patrick Sean Smith will be in charge of the show.

Season 5 of Virgin River

Fox’s Virgin River Season 5 has been a huge hit. The number of finished viewings is about 28.4 million, down from 34.4 million for season 4 and 32.6 million for season 3.

Less serious episodes

The new showrunner for Virgin River season 5, Patrick Sean Smith, told “Glamor Magazine” that the holiday shows are a bit lighter. He said it should be fun if it was going to be a holiday gift for the crowd. Further, Patrick Sean Smith said that what Mel and Jack are going through in those two shows is like the treasure hunt through the Virgin River to find her biological father.

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