Fans of Blue Bloods can’t stand these characters

“Blue Bloods” is one of the best police procedurals on TV right now. It has a unique mix of police stories and family dramas. The show is about a family of police officers in New York City. Tom Selleck plays Frank Reagan, the NYC Police Commissioner, and his whole family fights for justice in some way. He has three children. His kids Jamie (Will Estes), Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), and Erin (Bridget Moynahan) all work for the NYPD.

Since its premiere in 2010, “Blue Bloods” has kept viewers on the edge of their seats. One of the show’s best features has been its group of interesting characters. Fans do not all love all of them, though. Fans are often annoyed by certain characters, and others are so hated that they would love it if they were taken off the show. These are the characters from “Blue Bloods” that fans can’t stand. They range from long-time regulars and Reagan’s enemies to guests who quickly became unwanted.

Joe Janko-Reagan

Eddie Janko-Reagan became a regular character on “Blue Bloods” in the fourth season. He was first seen as Jamie Reagan’s new partner. You can see Vanessa Ray play her, and she’s known for having a hot head and never being afraid to say what she thinks, which can make some people mad. Since Eddie became a series regular in Season 5, her link to the Reagans also grew. Her and Jamie’s “will they/won’t they” relationship ended in marriage, which some fans thought was the worst thing that could have happened to the character.

It looks like Eddie fans who liked her at first got tired of her or the way she was written after her relationship with Jamie became more stable. Someone on Reddit said, “Eddie used to be a character that everyone loved, but after she married Jamie, she became annoying.” A lot of other “Blue Bloods” fans agreed. Some people pointed out that she always runs to the Reagans when she gets into trouble, which is very different from how she was presented at first as a strong, independent woman. Some fans have said that she’s not very interesting to watch these days. One viewer, u/Se7en_senses, said, “The writers need to do something to give her plot more drama. It’s not working right now.” Another viewer said that the character’s lackluster dialogue in recent seasons was to blame.

Dear Reverend Darnell Potter

Rev. Darnell Potter (Ato Essandoh) is against the NYPD and Frank Reagan in particular because he thinks they don’t do nearly enough to protect the lives of New York City’s blacks. He thinks of himself as a champion of justice and sees the Reagans as a symbol of how crooked the city’s system is. The bad guy in Potter is a more typical scheming, power-hungry bad guy, which is why fans dislike him.

The show has gone to great lengths to make the Reagans look like the good guys in the NYPD. Because of this, some fans are tired of Potter’s grudge against them. Someone on Reddit said, “Instead of going after real racist and corrupt cops, he’s going after the ones who haven’t done anything wrong.” They didn’t like Potter’s pointless attempts to bring down the Reagans and asked why they made the character a “stereotypical mustache-twirling monster.”

People who watch the show have said that Potter’s character is a result of its strict views. A Reddit user named u/hannahsflora said that the show “does not do complexity or subtlety” and that anyone who is against the Reagans will be shown as a bad guy, no matter what their goals are. The person also said, “This has always annoyed me about the show, and it’s gotten worse over the years.”

Ronald Erin

The Reagan family does not all work for the NYPD. Jamie, Danny, and Frank have been members for a long time, but other members have moved on to work in different areas of law enforcement. Erin, Frank’s daughter, is at the top of that list. She starts the series as New York’s Assistant District Attorney and works her way up to become DANY Bureau Chief. Fans may love her as a Reagan family member, but that doesn’t mean they love her. A lot of people have been very clear that they don’t like the figure.

u/ZethuuC137 was very honest when they said that Erin was their least favorite “Blue Bloods” character in a Reddit thread about the characters that people hate the most. Many people agreed that Erin’s haughty, superior attitude can be annoying at times. “What I hate about Erin is that she is 100% my way or the highway. She hates second chances unless they’re her idea. And she also comes across as a know-it-all, especially when it comes to police work, which she has proven to know next to nothing about over and over again.” u/pll_superfan_-A said, “She makes me so mad because she always acts like she knows everything when she doesn’t.”

Hi, Joe Hill

The first episode of “Blue Bloods” takes place after Frank’s son Joseph’s death. When Season 10 started, viewers were shocked to learn about another member of the Reagan family that they had never heard of: Joseph’s son Joe Hill, who was not his biological father and was now a police officer. However, Joe wasn’t as well-liked by everyone as the show’s creators may have hoped. Soon after Joe Hill was introduced, a fan started an online debate called “Joe Hill is a Terrible Character.” In it, they said, “He always comes off as a whiny and weak character.”

Many people had different opinions about this post about Joe, which called him “the runt of the Reagan litter.” However, not everyone agreed with that interpretation. Some said it was because of his complicated past and the fact that he just learned that he is related to the famous Reagan family. “The Reagans went out of their way to welcome him, and he acts like a spoiled brat,” u/StevenArviv said. But another fan didn’t see any point in the figure other than to make things interesting. “Joe adds nothing to the show, and I forget that he’s there.”

John F. Kennedy

Television fans saw Tom Selleck’s return with “Blue Bloods” as a return to the role of a tough-as-nails top cop in New York City, where his whole family fights crime. Selleck had made a name for himself in the 1980s with “Magnum, P.I.” However, not all viewers love Selleck and Frank Reagan, even though they are the show’s main characters. Someone in the fans even says they hate him, or at least what he’s turned into over the course of the long-running series.

In 2021, someone on Reddit said, “I am on season 7 episode 20, and Frank has become so unbearable.” “I am also starting to think he is being unfair,” the user added. They weren’t sure how to say this because they thought the character was well-known, but it turned out they weren’t the only one. “I thought I was going crazy, but then someone finally told me,” u/TheMissDaisy answered. Others who dislike Frank joined the chorus of people who say he is mean, has a smug attitude, and acts passive-aggressively toward anyone who even thinks about questioning him. People also said bad things about how he treats his children. “He is so holy or good that he doesn’t even favor his own children but does favor someone else,” u/willyjames24 said.

Ronald Henry

Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is also the grandfather of Nicky and the father of Jamie, Danny, and Erin. However, he is not the oldest person in the family. Henry Reagan (Len Cariou), the retired father, plays that part. You can see him most often at the famous “Blue Bloods” family dinners. Henry was also a police officer in New York when he was younger. Like his son Frank, he later became the city’s police commissioner. Does this show a bit of favoritism? Some might say that, but what’s more clear is that many series fans say Henry is pretty hard to like.

Some people have said that Henry is an angry jerk. People who don’t like him much call him pious, which is a word that has been used for more than one Reagan family member. Many times, Henry longs for the good old days and is critical of the police officers of today. But things were far from perfect when he was in the game. Something on Reddit said in a long post that Henry was being dishonest and breaking the rules. “He said that he gave his guys permission as PC to find the person who put a hit on a cop,” u/prindacerk wrote. “That was a clear abuse of power to protect someone.” In a different post, u/windi1978 said that Henry sometimes gets on their “last nerve,” like “when he wants to join in and say well in my day or when I was commissioner.”

Crawford, the district attorney

Erin Reagan knows how hard it is to run the courts in New York City. She began her career as an assistant district attorney, where she helped put away the worst criminals that her brothers caught on the streets and made sure they got what was coming to them. When Erin was up for a raise, she had to compete with Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff), a person she didn’t like at all. Fans weren’t happy when Crawford got the job instead of Erin. It wasn’t just because one of their own lost, but also because Crawford wasn’t seen as likeable at all.

People who watched “Blue Bloods” always didn’t like Crawford, and when she was promoted to District Attorney, they were quick to say how disappointed they were. Some fans called her a disgusting lawyer who they couldn’t trust, and many said she was more than just an annoyance to Erin—they said she was evil. Someone on Reddit (u/Ramham21) said, “She is okay to help her friend’s mom even though she killed someone, but she’s always behind Erin.” “I don’t like her.” Another user, u/mysticwonders_, said that Crawford “fails everyone in the DA’s office and is so rude to Erin for being there for her brothers.” They also said, “Erin should have gotten that job 100%.”

Ronald Danny

Even though Tom Selleck is the main character in “Blue Bloods,” Donnie Wahlberg, who plays tough agent Danny Reagan, is the show’s star. His father Frank and grandfather Henry are in charge of the family, but Danny is the one they look to when things get tough. He’s the aggressive family member who’ll step in and handle things when they go wrong. But Danny is a difficult person; he’s both a hot-tempered jerk and a brave tough guy. He’s a normal guy who would rather kick in a door than figure out what to do about something.

Actually, two different actors have played Nicky Reagan-Boyle, the youngest of the Reagan women. Marlene Lawston played her in the pilot for the show, but Sami Gayle took her place when “Blue Bloods” became a full-season show. Over the years, Nicky went from being a hyperactive child to a rebellious teen to a responsible adult. She also went from being a guest star to an occasional regular to a main cast member. While she was in the main group, many longtime viewers had already decided what they thought of Nicky.

People who watch “Blue Bloods” have said mean things about Nicky because they think she is annoying and spoiled. Nicky being the youngest in the family may have caused some of this on purpose, but that hasn’t helped soften the feeling. Someone on Reddit u/DisneyAddict2021 said, “Gosh, I’ll never understand how they kept her on the show.” “She is the most annoying and intolerable character ever! I can’t stand any scene she’s in!” agreed u/calisto_fox, adding that they “fast forward” through Nicky’s scenes.

Martin Mendez, the governor

The show “Blue Bloods” is about the police in New York City, from the detectives and officers of the New York Police Department to the prosecutors and lawyers who protect people in the city’s criminal justice system. But it also has people from New York City’s political machine, from Reverend Potter and other social campaigners to the Mayor of New York City. Governor Martin Mendez of New York (David Zayas), who is a liar with his own plans, has been one of the most hated leaders in the show over the years. When it comes to the figure, fans haven’t been afraid to say what they think.

People who hate Mendez wrote a post on Reddit in 2021 called “I Hate The Governor.” In it, they called him rude, smug, and other insults. Some people on Reddit, u/SpaceMyopia, tried to defend Mendez by saying that the show’s “main character syndrome” makes any character who is against the Reagans “into a punching bag.” Others said that Mendez is just a stereotypically shady character. u/LCPhotowerx said of Mendez, “You hate the character so much it almost drives you crazy.” “That means the actor is pretty good most of the time.”

Kearns, Archbishop of Dublin

People also make Archbishop Kevin Kearns into a target. When producers cast the part, they chose the right actor to irritate fans and make them go crazy: Golden Globe winner Stacy Keach has a history of playing characters that make people mad. As Kearns, he plays a man who seems to enjoy making things hard for the Reagans while trying to be their friend, and viewers clearly dislike him as much as the actors did. It’s not like there’s a bad guy that fans love to hate; Kearns’ appearance on the show seems to annoy viewers every time he shows up.

Some fans said they turn off the show right away whenever Kearns is involved in the plot, stating, “I absolutely cannot stand the character and how he ALWAYS demands Frank solve something while refusing to give him the details he knows.” Others agreed, stating how annoying it is when Kearns is helpful but still gets angry when things don’t go his way. The fact that Frank is loyal to the Archbishop makes it even worse that he is there.”I get that they want to show that Frank has a strong faith, but yeesh,” u/goldenbarks said.

The captain, Paula McNichols

Stephanie Kurtzuba was a guest star on “Blue Bloods” during the 10th season. She played Sergeant Paula McNichols, Eddie’s new boss. After two years, the show needed a new police captain, so McNichols was given the job, and Kurtzuba’s character grew in importance. When she got a bigger part in Season 13, her character grew, and people began to dislike Eddie’s new boss. Eddie saw her as more than just a random police officer. She was now an enemy on the job, and she seemed to enjoy making life hard for those below her.

Fans have gone on rants about McNichols and how much they want her to leave the internet, from X (formerly known as Twitter) to Reddit. “Time to get rid of Eddie’s boss!!!” is the title of a 2023 Reddit thread. Some viewers say that McNichols was made captain way too quickly and that the writers only did it to make things more interesting, not because it made sense in the story. Reader u/eremite00 said, “The writers seem to have fallen in love with her for some reason.” “At least from the people who post in this sub, I haven’t read much that makes it sound like fans have been begging for more of the character.”

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