“Fatal Attraction” Reboot Canceled

The Fatal Attraction TV remake was canceled by Paramount+ after only one season. Starring in the role made famous by Glenn Close in the 1987 film, Lizzy Caplan of Mean Girls starred in the new eight-episode series when it premiered on April 30.

On the small screen, Joshua Jackson replaced Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher, and Amanda Peet played his wife Beth. Along with the cancellation of Kiefer Sutherland’s spy series Rabbit Hole, Paramount+ also announced the cancellation of the romantic comedy Fatal Attraction.

The streaming service confirmed to Variety that “Fatal Attraction” and “Rabbit Hole” would not be getting second seasons.

We appreciate the time and effort put in by the writers, directors, editors, and fantastic casts of both shows. Those who haven’t seen Fatal Attraction or Rabbit Hole yet can do so on Paramount+.

Viewers were split on the series finale of Fatal Attraction because it ended differently than the film.

In the show, Beth’s best friend and business partner Arthur was revealed to have murdered Alex, rather than Beth, Dan’s wife.
With Dan’s daughter Ellen developing an obsession with her professor 15 years after Alex’s murder, the season finale seemed to set up a potential second season.

Showrunner Alexandra Cunningham told The Hollywood Reporter that the cliffhanger was intentionally left open in order to lay the groundwork for a second season that would focus on Ellen.

To elaborate, Cunningham said, “The arc I pitched was for a limited series that was going to go out on a ‘Oh, shit!’ moment that was rooted in somebody with a neurological pathway for a personality disorder going through so much emotional and psychological trauma as a child caused by her father, who is a narcissist, that she is the dissident of Alex.”

“Like a present echo, in a way.”

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