New on Netflix- New and Upcoming Shows

  • If it seems like Netflix is always releasing a brand new original series, that’s because it often is.
  • It’s a lot to process, and that’s before you even get to the constantly growing library of TV shows that the service has licensed.
  • But try not to worry. We’ve compiled a comprehensive, regularly updated list of all the shows and movies that have recently been added to Netflix UK, as well as all the goodies that will be arriving in the next few weeks.
    Netflix The 29th of December

Season 1 of Berlin

  • Pedro Alonso returns as Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa in the prequel to Money Heist. Money and love motivate Pedro to pursue a €44 million jackpot.
  • The 6th of December

Season 1 of Blood Coast/Pax Massilia

  • In order to stop a bloodbath in Marseille, the protagonists of this French action thriller use a specific methodology to track down a dangerous criminal.
  • November Netflix
  • The 30th of November

First-season destruction

  • Las Vegas-based comedy series from the makers of Cobra Kai.

Season 5B, Episode 2- Virgin River

  • Two more holiday-themed episodes of Virgin River’s fifth season are available to viewers.
  • Monday, November 29

Love Under the Knife, Season 1: Bad Surgeon

  • In this Netflix original, the story of one of the largest medical frauds in recent history is told.
  • Watching this show will satisfy your curiosity about what an actual Squid Game would be like.
  • The show is modeled after the smash hit on Netflix and features similarly impossible challenges for the contestants.
  • High on the Hog, Season 2: The African Dish That Changed America
  • The series, hosted by chef and author Stephen Satterfield, investigates the impact that Africa has had on American cuisine.

Saturday, November 17

  • Scott Pilgrim Season 1 Blast Off
  • In this retelling of the Scott Pilgrim story, Scott meets the woman of his dreams, but in order to date her, he must first vanquish her two former boyfriends.

The tenth of November

Presently, the first season of

  • The anthology series takes place in Taiwan during the pandemic, and it follows ten separate love stories.
  • The 8th of November
  • Season 1 of Escaping: Twin Flames
  • A three-part docuseries exclusive to Netflix about a group whose leaders claim they can introduce you to your soul mate.
  • Thursday, November 3

Season 1 of “A Daily Dose of Sunshine”

This Korean drama, dubbed a “healing drama,” is based on the author’s time spent working as a psychiatric nurse and is set entirely within a hospital.

Third-season The Tailor

  • Esvet’s confession that she wanted to be with Dimitri shattered the triangle between her, Dimitri, and Peyami. Season three will reveal whether or not things will remain stable.
  • Saturday, November 2
  • Series limited to All the Light We Cannot See
  • The WWII drama, based on the book of the same name, tells the story of a blind French girl whose life becomes entangled with that of a German soldier in occupied France, and stars Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo.

The first run of Cigarette Girl

  • A son uncovers a touching love story from his family’s distant past while trying to fulfill his dying father’s dying wish.
  • Monday, November 1

Season 1 of “Moon in the Day”

  • When the supernatural Jung Koo-won loses his powers, he enlists the help of the corporate heiress Do Do Hee to regain them, sparks begin to fly between the two.
  • Recent additions to the UK Netflix library.

October Netflix

  • Today, October 26
    This new anime series is based on the popular manga by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki, and it follows the adventures of Gesicht, a robot detective, as he investigates the mysterious deaths of both robots and humans.
  • The 20th of October
  • Season 7 of Élite
  • The sixth and final season of Élite has returned, and with it comes a slew of new characters who are sure to stir up more trouble at the privileged prep school.

Series of Creatures, Limited

  • The classic horror novel by Mary Shelley is back in a new Turkish fantasy period series.
  • Season 1 of Doona!
  • When a college student and a stunning former K-pop star decide to move in together, sparks fly. But can their love last?

Wednesday, October 19

  • Bodies
  • The sci-fi thriller, adapted from a comic book, follows four detectives from different eras who are all at a loss to solve the same murder.

Season 1 of Neon

  • In this new Netflix Original music drama, three pals try to make it big in the reggaeton industry.
  • Invading Eid, Part 1
  • When Razan’s British-Pakistani fiance unexpectedly shows up at her Saudi family’s Eid celebrations, he causes friction.
  • Saturday, October 18
  • Season 1 of Dark Water

An original Indian suspense series from Netflix

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