Release date, trailer, plot, and everything about Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Special 2.

Attack on Titan, the popular anime series, has announced its final episode, ‘The Final Chapters Special 2’, which will air on Japanese TV stations and Crunchyroll shortly after. The show will also celebrate its end with an online, worldwide afterparty from November 5th to November 8th.

The first of the two specials, ‘The Final Chapters’, aired on March 4. The English dub of ‘Special 1’ was made available on Crunchyroll on September 11, along with versions in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Russian.

The main Japanese and English voice actors for all of Attack on Titan’s principal players include Bryce Papenbrook, who plays Eren Jaeger. He describes Eren as ‘angry’ but under a layer of coldness, making him terrifying. Papenbrook has yet to make up his mind about whether the character is a monster or not, partly due to the show’s ability to blend black-and-white motivations into gray areas.

English voice actor Bryce Papenbrook, who plays Eren, is trying to avoid spoilers and maintains that he loves immersing himself in the shows he’s working on. He believes that every single episode drives the story forward in a meaningful way, making it unpredictable. During an IGN panel, Mikasa’s English voice actor, Trina Nishimura, shared her hopes for a happy ending for Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

Director Yuichiro Hayashi is keen for fans to spot subtle changes in the second half of the final season, such as adding pictures of Pieck Finger to the Panzer Unit’s cockpit. A short teaser trailer for ‘Special 2′ was released in July 2023, giving fans a taste of the series’ epic conclusion.

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