Rotten Tomatoes rates Julia Roberts’ Netflix film highly after initial reviews.

The critical consensus on Julia Roberts’ latest film, Leave the World Behind, has been updated on Rotten Tomatoes following its initial reviews.

The film, directed by Oscar-winner Roberts, will make its streaming debut on Netflix in December.

At this time, based on seven reviews, it has an impressive 86% rating on the review aggregator website. As more critics have a chance to weigh in over the next few months, that rating is likely to shift.

In this film, Roberts and Ethan Hawke play a married couple who are spending the weekend at a rented cabin with their children when they are unexpectedly joined by two strangers who have been the victims of a terrifying cyberattack. The survivors will soon have to make a decision about how to stay alive in the face of danger while also figuring out who they are in this new, unstable world.

Mahershala Ali, who played Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and Kevin Bacon also appear in the film alongside Roberts and Hawke.

Some negative reviews of Leave the World Behind are presented below.


“Unquestionably, for whatever genre you want to place it in, Leave the World Behind has much to say about the tenuous state of our current planet and the freewheeling technology on which we increasingly rely but which also threatens to consume us.”

News From The Underground Wire

Because of how well the four adults are written, the film manages to make what could be the end of the world into an exciting play. Like George, Ali is absolutely fantastic.


“This film feels like a more satisfying version of the not-dissimilarly apocalyptic, but ultimately preposterous Knock at the Cabin from earlier this year.”

Journalist from Hollywood

“Fine performances help to bolster a problematic picture written and directed by Sam Esmail, adapted from Rumaan Alam’s best-selling novel.”

World Wide Screen

“A confident, entertaining thriller about two families forced to live together in the middle of nowhere as civilization collapses around them.”

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