Shoei Is Bringing Back the Classics With Their New Glamster MM93 Collection

Shoei Is Bringing Back the Classics With Their New Glamster MM93 Collection
It is the most recent piece to be added to Shoei’s MM93 Collection, which was developed in conjunction with Marc Marquez.

Shoei is one of the most well-known and well-respected helmet companies in the world, and the company offers a diverse selection of helmets that cover all aspects of motorcycle riding. It is true that some of the top racers in the world choose to use its helmets. One such racer is Marc Marquez, who even has his own line of helmets called the MM93 Collection that he launched in cooperation with the business.

That being said, those who have an appreciation for the past are in for a treat, as Shoei has just introduced the Glamster MM93 Collection Classic, which is scheduled to go on sale in January 2024. The new MM93 edition Glamster offers riders a highly distinctive look since it combines the retro style of the original Glamster with the race-derived livery of the MM93 Collection.

His provides riders with a really distinctive aesthetic. The color scheme centers on elements that are gray and black, with a splash of red to add a bit of competition and connect everything together more tightly with the historical charm of the helmet. Shoei claims that the design was created to go well with a diverse range of vintage and modern motorcycles that draw inspiration from the past.

The Glamster, which belongs to Shoei’s Neo Classic series, has been in the company’s selection of helmets for quite some time now. It was originally introduced to the public in Europe in the year 2020 and has since established itself as a fan favorite in the neo-retro subgenre. It has a traditional-looking shell, a narrow chin bar, and narrow air intakes on both the front and the top of the device, thus it is easy to identify.

The mechanism of the CPB-1V visor makes it simple to make adjustments, and the fact that it is compatible with a Pinlock anti-fog visor makes it perfect for use when riding a motorcycle in any kind of weather.

The Glamster spares no expense when it comes to the technology that ensures its passengers’ safety. Shoei’s AIM, which stands for Advanced Integrated Matrix, is used in the construction of all of the company’s helmets, including the Glamster.

This construction method places an emphasis on the reduction and dissipation of impact energy. It goes without saying that when the new version of the Glamster is introduced in Europe and other markets, it will be compliant with the most recent version of the ECE 22.06 safety standard. The Glamster already complies with the most recent version of the JIS safety regulations in Japan.

The new Glamster MM93 Collection Classic is scheduled to be on sale in Japan in January 2024, and prices and availability information are likely to be announced at that time.

You should get ready for the helmet to become available in additional markets not long after that. It will only be available in one design featuring gray, black, and red, and will be available in sizes ranging from small to extra-extra-large.

The helmet comes with a chin curtain, silicon oil, a fabric bag, a sticker, a pin for the Pinlock visor, and a Pinlock visor. It also contains a sticker. It will have a retail price of 61,600 yen, which is around $411 USD.

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