Will Young’s Love Island Co-Stars Left Behind as He Prioritizes Jessie

Will Young, a former cast member of Love Island, has said that he has struggled to maintain contact with his former cast mates.

For the Love of Farming: Farmer Will’s Guide to Life in the Fields, written by the reality TV star who appeared on Winter Love Island in January, was just released. His final two-person alliance with Jessie Wynter was eliminated by popular vote.

Will told Digital Spy exclusively that he has fallen behind his Love Island co-stars because he has been putting his relationship with Jessie first.

He tells us, “When we got off the show, me and Jessie just wanted to concentrate on ourselves.” We wanted to make sure we wanted to be together first and foremost, and since she was in Australia and I was in the United Kingdom, that was a major consideration.

“It was such a big, big commitment, but after a couple of days we were like yeah, we love each other.”

He continued, “Since then, it’s quite hard to see everyone because I am juggling so much with the farm. We’ve settled down to enjoy a simple life on the farm. With the release of his book this October, the reality TV star has had a busier month than usual.

Farmer Will’s first book is filled with endearing anecdotes and photographs documenting his life on the farm he shares with his family in Buckinghamshire.

To quote him, “Growing up I didn’t know that farming was an option,” he tells Digital Spy of his profession. The fact that I was born into a farming family is the sole reason I work the land. It is not presented as a viable career path in the classroom or at career fairs.

Getting more people interested in farming is crucial. People probably picture a farmer when they think of someone working in agriculture, but he or she “could also be an accountant, a mechanic, or a laborer.”

“Hopefully my passion and love for farming rubs off on other people and it does spark an interest with the younger generation.”

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